2x 110mm Silver Core and Black Wheels with ABEC 11 Bearings


The price listed is for a pair of scooter wheels with the size of 110mm. Your old scooter wheels are dull looking, so it’s time to replace them with these silver core and black wheels! You can be reassured that the bearings with an ABEC rating of 11 will stand the test of time, as higher ABEC rating means better precision and greater speed capabilities. The wheels will fit almost all scooters perfectly. What is the core material, you may ask? Well, to ensure high durability, the core is made of high quality aluminum. To allow you to perform tricks successfully with your scooter, the wheels are made of durable rebound 88a urethane. Own these shiny scooter wheels for the price of $34.99 and upgrade your scooter now!